The Se77antasette: Superyachting Redesigned

After it’s reveal at the 2017 Monaco Yacht Show, the Se77antasette is the birth child between Benetti Yachts and architect Fernando Romero. The collaboration envisioned a 77-meter (settantasette) vessel bringing innovative design, craftsmanship, and innovative lines, but keeps traditional within all the main ingredients of a top-notch yacht.

The smooth flow of how the superyacht is designed will make it look like it’s almost floating through the water as a passerby.

You and 11 friends can be split between a total of seven cabins, with your master bedroom accommodating 100-square meters of the water cruiser. Other necessities for a yacht like this include a swimming pool, helideck and fully-functioning dance floor for when you want to really enjoy the weekends.

Photos: Benetti Yachts

The Bottom Line

It will make a presence, if built. The Se77antasette makes an interesting departure in traditional designs enough to make a great impression on the waters. We look forward to see if this concept will be seen on the waters of Monaco in the coming months.

Learn more about the Se77antasette through: Benetti Yachts

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