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Four Seasons Announces Plans For New Private Jet

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts wants to bring their international luxury experience to the friendly skies with a new private jet concept.

Four Seasons began offering this idea in 2015 with a Boeing 757, but now they want to take it to the next level with a fully-customized Airbus 321 Neo for their launch in 2021.

With their concept, they are laser-focusing their experience towards space, bespoke experience, upscale services and more.

The private jet will sit only 48 passengers over a spacious breadth of a long and wide cabin. Guests will also enjoy a spacious lounge area when their seatbelt signs are off and they are safe to move around the cabin.

In the lounge, they can mix and mingle with the 47 other passengers and experience delicious drinks from an on-staff mixologist.

While in the cabin, passengers can also personally interact with the master chefs, wellness experts and arts and culture aficionados. I can imagine that talking with these people would make the flight feel like it goes a bit faster.

The Four Season’s private jet is set up to provide guests with a great culinary experience, with their meals using ingredients from each flight’s destination, a nice touch.

The cabin also includes 6 feet of personal space, in which your seat can expand to be completely flat. You can also enjoy a full bathroom instead of something you normally would have to squeeze into.

Take a look into a short film about the making of the new Four Seasons Private Jet.

The Bottom Line

This is an exciting move towards air travel for the Four Seasons Hotel and Resorts’ brand. Maybe they will utilize their new Fourt Seasons Belize development in amongst this shift towards air travel in the future. On their website, they also have these exciting excursions and destinations that you can enjoy through the private jet experience.

For more information about the Four Seasons Private Jet, be sure to visit their website.

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