From The Editor-In-Chief | World LXRY | The Online Luxury Magazine
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Dear Particular Person,

Picture yourself at your most engaged.

You feel involved, you feel enlightened and you feel your mind working as ideas flood into your head.

This is what we want to achieve with WORLD LXRY. We want you to be at your most engaged with our content and visuals. Here, we do not want you to just read articles with traditional understanding, we want to cover new things and open your mind to new possibilities, brands and experiences.

We have made it a pursuit to learn and educate ourselves on new, developing and classic luxury and the lifestyle that surrounds it.

It’s not about materials, even though they have a certain weight to them, they don’t have a certain depth. It’s about provoking how you feel. What do these items make you think of. What great memories do you get from them. What great reactions do you get from them.

This is where luxury and WORLD LXRY share a common interest, we both aim to provoke and create reaction.

We are going to be a sophisticated brand that at times you may not agree with, but it’s all in the pursuit of learning about fulfilling luxury, not empty luxury.

We hope to have you fully engaged, we hope to inspire you and we appreciate any time you spend with us on our pursuit for fulfilling luxury.

All the best in health and wealth,

Steven M. Dolson
Founder & Editor-In-Chief