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The Ilisian, New Luxury Hotel In Athens, Greece

Introducing THE ILISIAN: A New Destination Hotel In Athens

THE ILISIAN, an illustrious urban sanctuary unveiled by Ionian Hotel Enterprises, emerges today as Athens’ new beacon of luxury and culture.

Occupying the venerable edifice that hosted Hilton Athens for over fifty years, THE ILISIAN has been meticulously reimagined from a mere hotel into a multifarious haven.

This innovative destination harmoniously fuses a hotel and opulent residences under the prestigious Conrad and Waldorf Astoria banners, a lifestyle members’ club, epicurean delights, vibrant entertainment, holistic wellness, and sophisticated shopping.

This creates a nexus of experiences, weaving together the essence of modern Athens with the wider world.


Drawing its name from the historic Ilisos River and the surrounding Ilisia neighborhood, THE ILISIAN signifies a perpetual bond with the city’s heritage and its denizens.

It exudes a cosmopolitan flair intrinsic to its identity, encapsulating experiences that epitomize both the authentic and contemporary spirit of Athens.

With profound respect for the city’s cultural legacy, THE ILISIAN aspires to amalgamate global trends with Athenian traditions, fostering a gathering place for locals and visitors alike.

The Ilisian, New Luxury Hotel In Athens, GreeceAn Ecosystem of Experiences

THE ILISIAN aspires to epitomize contemporary Athens, enhancing its stature as a premier European destination.

Conrad Athens will feature 278 elegantly appointed rooms and suites, including a 400sq.m. mega suite, all offering panoramic views of historic Athens.

Furthermore, 18 hotel residences have been developed as Conrad Residences, as well as 37 private residences as Waldorf Astoria Residences, on the upper floors of the building.

A Look At New Luxury Hotel In Athens

This illustrious destination will also house a lifestyle members’ club, a plethora of culinary and entertainment venues, curated retail experiences, and wellness sanctuaries, in collaboration with renowned local and international brands.

Sustainability underpins THE ILISIAN’s design, targeting LEED Gold certification through advanced energy efficiency practices, preserving iconic architectural elements like the Yannis Moralis façades.

The Bottom Line

Guests at the unveiling were transported through six decades of illustrious history, reliving personal memories and glimpsing the future of a destination that honours its past while forging a new chapter in Athens’ vibrant narrative. This is a refreshed and exciting way forward for hotel development in Athens and should send a message to the fellow hoteliers that the bar has been raised on the future of hospitality there.

Learn more about THE ILISIAN through their website.

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