The Palm River Hotel In Zimbabwe: Riverside Experience in Africa
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The Palm River Hotel In Zimbabwe: A Unique 5-Star Riverside Luxury Experience

Have you ever dreamed about going to Zimbabwe?

The Palm River Hotel in Zimbabwe may be the experience you are looking for more of a safari-style luxury trip.

Enter The Palm River Hotel

The Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) recently awarded a 5-star grade to the Palm River Hotel, and the hotel is ecstatic to share the news with its guests. This renowned honour is a will and testament to the hotel’s commitment to providing an elegant experience and high-quality service.

This showcases the outstanding hospitality that the hotel provides, with the executives stating that “service delivery was found to be exceptional” and praising management for maintaining high-quality standards.

The beautiful rooms and suites that are available at the hotel, include modern furnishings, cohesive interior design, and high-quality finishes that are utilized throughout that emphasize the beautiful natural surrounding.

The Palm River Hotel is one of just two hotels in the Victoria Falls area that have been awarded the coveted five-star rating. The other hotel is the Victoria Falls Hotel.

Along the banks of the Zambezi River, this hotel features an excellent variety of 73 rooms and luxury suites that are of the highest possible standard.  The accommodations consist of 60-Twin Deluxe and King Deluxe Rooms with two wheelchair-accessible rooms, all of which have private patios, river views, and bathrooms that are attached to the room.

The hotel provides a variety of suites, including Deluxe Suites, Honeymoon Suites, Executive Suites, and even a Presidential Suite, for guests who prefer both luxury and privacy.

The Palm River Villa is the pinnacle of private living accommodations. It features an Executive Suite, a Honeymoon Suite, and a Twin Deluxe Room. Additionally, it has a fully-equipped private kitchen, a huge parlour, a vehicle park, and a private swimming pool, as well as an immense patio and garden.

Food and beverage establishments, such as private dining on the brink of the Zambezi River, are also available to guests of the Palm River Hotel, who are known for their distinguished tastes. The Palm River hotel’s recreational offerings include a private fitness centre that is currently undergoing construction in addition to an outdoor swimming pool that is 34 meters in length.

It’s paradisiacal setting, which is only five minutes away from the main part of town, provides convenient access to Africa’s Natural World Wonder, Victoria Falls, as well as the neighbouring wildlife national parks that are found in the area that is so popular with tourists.

The Bottom Line

The Palm River Hotel in Zimbabwe is an excellent option for vacationers looking for both luxury and relaxation in one convenient location. Its rating of five stars exhibits a very well-put-together stay. The Palm River Hotel is certain to go above and beyond your expectations, regardless of whether you are planning a trip for two, a trip with your family, or a trip just for yourself. Make your reservation right now to enjoy the height of Zimbabwean hospitality during your visit.

Learn more about The Palm River Hotel in Zimbabwe and book your stay today for an epic adventure.

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