The MoonMachine 2: The Out Of This World Watch by MB&F
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The MoonMachine 2: The Out Of This World Watch by MB&F

There are not a lot of timepieces like the timepieces MB&F continues to produce.

The unique shapes, the edges, the materials, the viewpoints and the unique inner workings and movements make each watch standout from an enthusiast’s wrist like a billboard.

Each time MB&F makes a watch, that watch makes a statement.

Based on the success from the first MoonMachine model, MB&F is back with a second, MoonMachine 2, instalment and, once again, it’s a very distinct timepiece.

Stephan Sarpaneva of Sarpaneva Watches, an independent Finnish watchmaker, was the driving force for the unique moonphase display for both the MoonMachine and new, stunning MoonMachine 2. With the sequel sporting the world’s first projected moonphase display for any watch.

You could either enjoy the outside, stripped-down casing or be enthralled by the inner workings of the battle-axe rotor and moving pieces, all working in synchronicity.

The MoonMachine 2 is available in three different editions of 12.

Colour choices include:

  • Titanium with white gold moons and light-blue sky
  • Blackened titanium with white gold moons and dark-blue sky
  • Red gold and titanium with red gold moons and an anthracite sky


The Bottom Line

The MoonMachine 2 is a big step in a completely different direction of uniqueness compared to the first iteration. So much so, that we think it should have been called something unique in itself instead of being part of a series. Either way, it’s beautiful timepiece that deserves a second look.

For more information about the MB&F MoonMachine 2, visit MB&F today.

Steven M. Dolson
[email protected]

Steven M. Dolson is the founder and editor-in-chief of both LXRY Magazine and WORLD LXRY, both digital luxury magazines covering Canadian Luxury and luxury around the world. He has a passion for the best experience for the best.

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