La Mamounia Is A Gem Located in The Imperial Red City of Marrakech
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La Mamounia Is A Gem Located In The Imperial Red City Of Marrakech

Vibrancy is a word that is tough to explain visually, especially when it comes to hotels.

La Mamounia takes that word and expands it out to every inch of its hotel. Whether it’s the furniture, the food, the services, the surroundings and the location, it touches on every corner of the word.

Morroco, and the imperial red city of Marrakech, is quickly becoming a popular destination with heads of state, filmmakers, musicians, actors and many more, wanting to experience such a unique place.

Even the latest royal couple, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, should consider heading there to escape the flashing lights of excited public, and you will see why when we get to talking about the Riad below.

For over 90 years, La Mamounia has become a destination for many international jetsetters.

Whether it’s the expansive decorative or vegetable gardens, reflective pools, or natural scenery surrounding the property, La Mamounia is filled with many things to discover.

Look towards your inner child and be sure to sneak away to the ice-cream parlour or have a dip on a hot Morrocan day in their huge pool. The hammam-filled spa will help the stresses from the beginning of your trip or help end your trip more pleasantly.

You could live like a prince, king, princess or queen, your choice really, in some of these enormous suites.

Stay at a Riad and enjoy something that you would practically only find in movies.

Over 7,000 sq.ft. of space is filled with three bedrooms and two living rooms, not to mention beautiful marble bathrooms and butler service on top of everything.

You might need some help with in-room services considering how large your property of stay is.

Travel for business? Wifi engulfs the property making it easy and a great way to take your business out to a more scenic place.

Need some variety when it comes to dinner? La Mamounia has three signature restaurants on the property, which brings in authentic Moroccan, French and Italian cuisine for you to enjoy through intimate settings.

Photo credit: Images courtesy of La Mamounia.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking to really enjoy a Morrocan setting filled with vibrancy in food, design, decor, and travel, consider following the royal family and learn more about La Mamounia. For more information about La Mamounia, view their website to book your next stay in Marrakech.

Steven M. Dolson
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Steven M. Dolson is the founder and editor-in-chief of both LXRY Magazine and WORLD LXRY, both digital luxury magazines covering Canadian Luxury and luxury around the world. He has a passion for the best experience for the best.

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