Beulah and Four Seasons To Launch The Tallest Tower in Australia
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Beulah and Four Seasons To Launch The Tallest Tower in Australia With Incredible Vertical Green Wall

Beulah and Four Seasons Hotel and Resorts have teamed up to create a massive statement piece in Melbourne, Australia, called the STH BNK by Beulah.

The STH BNK by Beulah will house the Four Seasons Hotel Melbourne within the development and run all of its hotel services through the global luxury hospitality giant.

The Four Seasons Hotel Melbourne will host 210 rooms and have guests arrive at a Sky Lobby situated on the 63rd floor with amazing views of Melbourne’s cityscape.

The Four Seasons Hotel Melbourne will also offer world-class integrated health and wellness experience, a rooftop restaurant bar and event spaces for scenic weddings, corporate events, meetings, etc.

The STH BNK by Beulah tower is set to become Australia’s tallest tower and have the tallest vertical garden in the world. The garden itself will reach a total of 5.5 km long. Impressive.

Guest will enjoy additional benefits and amenities from STH BNK, including lush gardens, event programming, coworking facilities and an STH BNK Market Hall to name a few. Continuing the list of amenities, there will be a 3,000 seat auditorium, commercial offices, even childcare, health and wellness centres. It really shaping up to be an all-in-one building.

The STH BNK by Beulah is set to be almost a mini-metropolis for both residents and travellers to enjoy.

Construction is set to begin in late 2022 and take approximately 5 years to complete, so start saving.

The Bottom Line

This kind of multi-use building is almost what futurists dreamed that we would be living like in 2022 if you asked them 50 years ago. It’s a very interesting project and we look forward to seeing how the dynamic use of public and private space is developed alongside each other for a world-class experience.

For more information about the Four Seasons Hotel Melbourne, Beulah and STH BNK by Beulah, visit their respective websites.

Steven M. Dolson
[email protected]

Steven M. Dolson is the founder and editor-in-chief of both LXRY Magazine and WORLD LXRY, both digital luxury magazines covering Canadian Luxury and luxury around the world. He has a passion for the best experience for the best.

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